it’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas

Yes, you guessed, I’m having a sing-along again ^^ because it IS beginning to feel a lot like Christmas.  The hard-working staff at amazon (both in England and France) have been running up and down the aisles in the warehouses and orders I placed have been sent and received both sides of the Channel.  Lovely Lionel has been doing his thing too, he’s in charge of letter post (not parcels) and delivered two interesting enveloppes to our house.

One from Australia – from close friends Debbie and her MOTH ^^ . . . Christmas card from “down under”, the most gorgeous blackwork decoration which will be going up as soon as I get round to decorating . . . some plants seeds and an Anzac Day hat pin for my other half AND some very seasonal ribbon.  Have already snipped into that hihi and you’ll see why very soon!

from Debbie MOTH

And . . . a card from Titia with a packet of wheat seeds ^^


The wheat is to follow a French Provencal tradition . . . it is tradition to sow it on 4th December (therefore TODAY), to water it and let it sprout . . . and on 24th December, when I have a lovely dish of green wheat sprouts, I will decorate with a ribbon and place it on the table to symbolise prosperity for the year to come ^^

And just for fun . . . here is a large zoom on the card.


If you like games then here’s one . . . find the cat who doesn’t have a twin ^^  No prizes for the correct answer ^^

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