“Pentecost 2” update

With Avis, Sewing Beside the Sea  I have been busily stitching on this gorgeous blackwork design:  “Pentecost 2” by Practical Blackwork. If I haven’t posted any photos since the beginning of November, it’s because this stage was very stitch-intensive.

There were also a few errors in the chart – the way the swirly bits joined up never seemed to be the same. Avis and I both agreed that this annoyed us immensely ^^  So we both worked out our own changes as we stitched this part to make it more coherent.  As a result, we each have four identical corners, but my way of tackling them is not identical to Avis’ way.

P2 stage 5

This border/corner needed to be worked four times, since there are four corners.  ^^

P2 stage 5 b

And, as you can see, I’ve already done the back-stitching for the next stage.  I say next stage because it’ll be stage six . . . but we still won’t have finished.  More work still to do.


15 thoughts on ““Pentecost 2” update

  1. it’s coming along lovely. There is so much work in there I wouldn’t expect it to go quickly. Charts which are wrong are so annoying, especially purchased ones

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