chupin’s Xstitch: “Tis the season”

Some of you might be preparing for Hallowe’en but you’ve probably seen that I am already preparing for Christmas. My Mum always used to start humming carols round about this time of year, to get into the xmas spirit well in advance ^^ and I’ve been doing the same, while charting. This will explain some of the designs that, I hope, will have you humming or even singing out loud. Amazing how we know so many carols by heart!

I charted in traditional Christmas green and red, with a dark mauve for my lettering, but as you can see from the photos, you can mess around with colours. Each little design measures 41 x 29 stitches so they’re great for tree decorations or for cards. I used this opportunity to make use of my leftover bits of aida – so have stitched on various counts and on various fabric colours. They would probably look great in white on dark red or green too.

Anyway – here is a photo of the batch I designed and stitched up.

10x decos

I’ve put them into two different pdf files.  The English texts are all together under the title FREE Tis the season

tis the season

and the four French designs under the title FREE roi des forêts

roi des forets

As always – my email address and blog addresses are on the charts. If you stitch any, I would love to see photos of your stitching or receive comments. So many people just click and save free charts without even saying thank you – so don’t let that be you.

14 thoughts on “chupin’s Xstitch: “Tis the season”

  1. Fa La La La, la la la la – excellent stitching Claire. Very creative – and festive – I will let you know when/if I get around to them – as you know it is a little hectic at the moment here

  2. Claire, I love these – both the English and the French. Thank you so much for sharing.
    It’s never too early to be thinking about Christmas; usually as soon as the snow stays I’m humming, singing, or listening to Christmas music and starting to put out a few Christmas items. 🙂

    • glad you like them Kate. I always like to stitch a few décorations but never anything that takes too long which is why I had the idea for these. After doing ten of them, I can stitch the border with my eyes closed lol

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