a warm thank you to two wonderful cross-stitch designers.

I’m not one to write “gushy” fan mail or reviews. I will therefore do my best to keep this from sounding like an overflow of “oh how wonderful” but I do want to share something with you. I want to say what truly generous, warm-hearted, and gorgeous people there are in this world and to say an enormous thank you to both Joan Elliott and Isabelle Haccourt-Vautier.

Those two names are huge in the cross stitch world. They are both incredibly talented ladies who design for our ever-lasting pleasure. However, not only are they two very gifted designers – they are both wonderful people who really do care about their stitchers.

You can tell, when you read their blogs, what sort of people they are.  They do a job they love, and the love and pride they take in their work is reflected in the way they treat their “fans”. They take the time to help out and that is the reason I’m writing this article – to say “thank you” to both.

Last night I sent them an email, with a question regarding copyright. I realised they were both very busy people, with a business to run, a family to look after, and a life to lead. Yet both ladies replied within minutes.  So, if you happen to stop by, Joan or Isabelle, thank you again so much for your time, your speedy, helpful and friendly answers.  And thank you for creating the wonderful designs you do to inspire us.

I first “discovered” Isabelle Vautier’s designs in 2007 – with her famous hearts. I took part in a postal art exchange with five other ladies and here (from the depths of my photo archives) are the ones I stitched.  All heart designs are, of course, copyright to Isabelle Haccourt-Vautier.

1tour dos

“L’heure du thè” with a few little seed beads added for the isolated stitches.


‘Cocorico” with some small heart buttons to replace some cross stitched hearts.


“la mer” with a little shell embellishment


“Paris lumière” with some fimo flowers to replace a few of the hearts


and “Porte bonheur” with two ladybird buttons to replace the stitched ladybirds.

Obviously, since 2007, I have had the pleasure of stitching dozens of Isabelle’s designs. And am already impatient to get my hands on her new book “Au fil de l’océan” which should be on shelves in bookshops next month.

I “discovered” Joan Elliott the following year, 2008.  And stitched in a group project, with the ladies from the enveloppe exchange and several others. We wanted to make a wall-hanging for a children’s hospice in Devon and Joan Elliott’s angels (which were published in The World of Cross Stitching, if I remember rightly) were perfect.  Following designs are copyright to Joan Elliott.

I stitched Joan Elliott’s “Beauty”


and then one of the members of the group did the assembly job and quilting.  Her photo, not mine. I never actually got to see the finished quilt in person, since I was one of the stitchers in France.  My main task, aside from stitching, was to buy copies of WOXS for everyone on eBay, make sure everyone knew what angel they were stitching, and keep tabs on progress so that all angels arrived in good time for the assembly job ^^



10 thoughts on “a warm thank you to two wonderful cross-stitch designers.

  1. Claire, thank you for the introduction to Isabelle Haccourt-Vautier. I simply adore her heart designs that you stitched and I must try to locate her patterns. Beautiful stitching, Claire.

    • Hi Kate
      if I’m not mistaken, you’re in Canada? right?
      There’s a Candian on-line store who stock Isabelle Vautier designs in Québec here http://lacigalebrodeuse.com/lcb/
      their shop catalogue page doesn’t seem to be working but if you scroll down on their home page, they have a couple of her books and some charts. Might be an idea to phone them.

      • Claire, thanks so much for the link. I can’t wait to get my hands on one of those heart charts.
        Thanks, too, for the heads up email message. 🙂

      • if you like, Kate, I can give you a list of the 70 hearts that are in the first book (so you’ll know what is Inside). I don’t have the second book but I think there are even more in there. These first hearts I stitched were sold as individual charts at the time. And it was only a few years ago that Isabelle thought to have them grouped together in a book. A huge savings for stitchers, because those heart charts used to cost around 6 euros each I believe.
        So if you want list of index – say the word and I’ll send it by mail.

  2. Hi Claire, I’m not surprised these two ladies are top designers. Their work is beautiful! I’ll definitely check out their blogs. It’s lovely to hear that they both managed to find time to answer your questions in what must be very busy lives. It shows that they value their customers. I’m bookmarking their web sites for future purchases 🙂 Thank you very much for the links!

    • I’ll have to see if I have any in duplicate and send them over. Originally hearts were available in chart form (so I have about 50) and then Isabelle published a whole load of them in 2 books (of which I have one) so if I have any duplicates, I’ll post to you ^^

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