my apprentice cross-stitcher

Way back in March of this year, one of my English students, a 21 year old lad who I’ll call M, showed an interest in some of my crossing stitching so I offered to teach him. I kitted him out with a very simple design so that he could learn the basics, but also have a few colour changes . . . and once he finished his first project, he was keen to try something else. I hadn’t seen M since June because of the long summer holidays, but last week he brought his two finished pièces to show me and I offered to do the “finishing off” bit for him.

So . . . drum roll please . . . because M really did me proud!  His first project was with a free design by Liselotte

Max m-p

that I backed with blue felt, to make a very manly bookmark and the second design is a dragon – a Mouseloft design – that I have finished off for him in a round coaster.

MaxAs you can see, the dragon was a lot smaller than the first project, but it was so that M could attempt his first real backstitching.  There was already some on the bookmark, going around the border, but it’s a whole different thing when it brings out the detail in a project and I think he did a wonderful job!

I am thrilled to say, that M is eager to tackle a third project – yay!  But he’s asked me to keep it small, since he doesn’t have much free stitching time. That’s not a problem – I have lots of fun designs in my stash and have already kitted him out with . . . hihi, I won’t tell you yet !  Just that it’ll be something Christmasy.


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