grabbing a bargain and making the most of FREEs

Yesterday, at patchwork club, one of the members came along with a big shopping bag full of boxes . . . each box full of DMC skeins ^^ It was old shop stock that she had come by, and was selling off at the bargain price of 5 euros for 10 skeins. Shops, in France, usually charge close to 1 euro per skein (if not more!) so it was an opportunity not to be missed. I probably didn’t NEED any more threads, and had no idea what colours I might need in the future, so I just grabbed some that caught my eye.

DMC threads

I can’t yet show you the newest patchwork block I’m working on since it’s still very much in pièces . . . you’ll have to wait until next week to admire that ^^. However, I can show you a small cross stitch piece I’ve did in two evenings. Many of you will recognise the designer: Margaret Sherry. Yes, it is one her quirky cats (who always seem to get themselves into the strangest of positions) and was a free kit in CROSS STITCHER (Dec 2006) with the printed mount included.

Lots of fun to stitch up and very quick. I will need to go out and buy a small frame more suitable colour-wise, because the ones I have to hand don’t match. I tried it in blue

cat blue frame

but no, not the right blue. Tried it in off-white

cat white frame

a little better, but still doesn’t do it for me. So will be keeping my eyes open for a better colour OR will ask my DH just to paint the second frame the colour of my choice. Might actually be easier.


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