“Pentacost 2” – second photo

Avis and I have been busy blackworking the last few weeks, cheering each other along, and noticing a few chart errors as we go ^^  We had decided which part to stitch for our second stage and, as luck would have it, we both completed this stage at the same time ^^ You will be able to see Avis’ stitching on her blog Sewing Beside the Sea.

Mine is here

P2 part2a

After the central part, I decided I wanted to add a second colour, but wasn’t sure which one. I therefore did a trial run on a small piece of fabric, using green, orange, red, pink and the same mauve.


To be honest, each colour looked good but I finally went with pink: DMC 601.  Rather than just “bin” this trial, I carried on stitching and finished it off as a bookmark which you’ve already seen but in case you blinked, and missed it,

Avis unbirthday2

If I have time (inbetween other pressing projects) I might sit down and make a few more blackwork bookmarks using other small areas of the Pentacost chart.

Anyway – a quick zoom of my fabric, to appreciate the mauve and pink

P2 part2b

If you want to stitch . . . you can find the chart on Practical Blackwork.  Stay tuned for the next update ^^ Avis and I have already consulted on what part to stitch next . . . but sshhhhh, it’s a secret so you won’t see until we’re ready 🙂


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