I’m a glutton for . . .

. . . Learning ^^

Anyone who follows my blog regularly will know that I love to learn. Not only do I love to learn new crafting skills (with my patchworkings) but I am currently doing a distance schooling beginner’s psychology course (after having completed a course in Animal Care with the same school). Anyway – while browsing the internet and world news the other day, I found a very interesting article on BBC News all about a new scheme called FutureLearn.  I’ll let you click on the link and check it out if you’re interested.

One of the courses caught my eye for eldest son so I quickly sent him the link and, within only an hour, he texted back to say he had signed up – for the Mobile App programming course lol.

And that sort of spurred me on to do some signing up of my own ^^

I already have quite a busy week, but I am pretty sure I can find an additional 3 hours per week for some FutureLearning . . . so I have signed myself up to follow the WEB SCIENCE course which begins in November and runs for 6 weeks. Followed by the FORENSIC SCIENCE course which begins in January and also runs for 6 weeks.

I am so excited !!!!!!

Incidentally, I have had my nose in my psychology books and lessons (after a very long summer break) . . . a third assignment completed today . . . 18 to go lol.

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