a little sneak preview and a “thank you”

Hello everyone – the sun is shining, the sky is blue . . . feels like Summer has decided to prolong its visit this year ^^ Nothing like fine weather to motivate a crafter, eh?  Well today I come to show you a sneak preview of a patchwork project. Something I’m working on for myself which explains the choice of colours!

sneak preview

I’m trying to make this entirely by machine – hence the rather rocky stippling 🙂  but unless I practice, I’ll never improve.  This is the only pic I’m going to share with you for the moment. Won’t even tell you what it is I’m making lol.

A second photo though to say a big thank you to Martine F who sent me a lovely card and some more bookmarks for my collection.

mp from martinef

I’m now off to have a close look at “Pentacost 2” – the blackwork project I’m working on with Avis. Need to frog before I can make any more progress and I’m feeling in a frogging mood ^^.



6 thoughts on “a little sneak preview and a “thank you”

  1. Great stippling – I have only tried large curves – the stipple scares me – one day – you are inspiring me – keep up the good work – and anxiously waiting to see what you are creating

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