catching up on some latch-hook

I had to have a bit of tidy up in the house at the start of the summer hols because we had quite a few visitors and I couldn’t just leave my crafting supplies strewn about the house ^^ This means that when certain supplies got put away, they stayed there all summer.  A fine example is my latch hook puppy rug.  Here’s what he looked like in June before he was stuffed in the cupboard


and this is what he looks like now.

rug septI am 3/4 of the way along ^^  When I bought this latch hook kit in February, I had every intention of taking things at a leisurely pace, so I am more than happy with progress so far. The question will be . . . do I make another rug once this one is finished? Hmmmm . . . I’m thinking about it, but nothing is certain yet.


10 thoughts on “catching up on some latch-hook

    • won’t actually be able to use this in the house as the cats pull out the wool with their claws lol. Am thinking I might send it to my great nephew

  1. I have the latch hook and I have the yarn, but I have no idea how to use it 🙂 It´s interesting to see your rug, but I still don´t know how to do it. Can you please tell me!!!!!
    Gun, Sweden

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