“Pentacost 2” first photo

I wrote, last week, that I would be starting a new blackwork adventure, stitching with my friend, Avis, who has recently opened a new blog HERE

The project – “Pentacost 2” a blackwork design (a very large blackwork design) that is downloadable here

We both seem to have had trouble finding the perfect colours for stitching.  I was originally planning on using DMC Variations 4030 thinking that those lovely blues and turquoise would look very effective BUT after only a short while stitching, I had to face up to reality:  the colour simply didn’t show up well enough on my fabric and looked like


Since this is a large design which is going to require many hours of stitching, I had to make a decision. Do I carry on even though I’m not satisfied, or do I start again?  The answer was easy, and I therefore started again.  This time with a darker colour: DMC 333 . . . and this time I’m really happy with the result.

P2 part1

Avis and I had consulted before stitching, and this is the first goal we set ourselves.  We are already discussing the next part we’re going to stitch lol but things might be a little slower next time as Avis has some patchworking to do and I need to get back to my cross stitch WIPs.

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