what have I let myself in for???

Title today, because that’s what I’m wondering ^^

A while ago, when we were enjoying some small Blackwork SALs, my friend Avis, aka Oh Sew Tempting, mentioned that she’d seen a lovely blackwork design that she fancied tackling, and asked if I would be up for it. Idea this time, not being to organise it as a SAL, with set stages and deadlines, but just for the two of us to stitch along together at our own pace.  I, of course, said “Let’s do it!”

Now that we’re about to begin, I’m feeling somewhat weak at the knees lol because this is going to be one ENORMOUS blackwork piece. Design size is 294 x 294 (so I’ll let you do the maths regarding finished size).

Here is a (very bad and pale) picture of the design: Pentacost Two.


You can see it in detail on the site PRACTICAL BLACKWORK.

Anyway, we’re all set to begin in the next few days. I’ll be stitching on a “pewter” 18 count aida to keep the design as small as possible, using DMC Variations 4030. Avis is keeping her colour and fabric choice a secret.  As I mentioned above, we will not be setting ourselves targets, but just stitching at our own pace, and being there to encourage each other along. I will be posting photos of progress as I go and Avis will be doing the same on her new blog that will be devoted to cross stitch and blackwork : Sewing Beside the Sea


14 thoughts on “what have I let myself in for???

  1. Wow! Now that’s a challenge and a half! What a fabulous pattern – I can’t wait to see how both of you tackle it. They will look absolutely wonderful! Good luck!

    • thank you minerva. It’s all so exciting ^^ We’ve been planning it for ages but I was waiting for Avis to finish off one of her WIPs first, and now she’s ready to begin

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