playing not crafting

These last few days I haven’t had time for any crafting because . . . I’ve been playing computer games 🙂 Or should I say A computer game, because I’m not very talented when it comes to gaming. Can’t seem to manage the ones where you have to do several things at once, and the only games I enjoy are the point & click ones, where you go at your own pace, pick up objects, and solve puzzles. Rather like reading a detective story really ^^

One of my all-time favourites is “Syberia” by Benoît Sokal which was released way back in 2002. It was my second son (aged 12 at the time) who got me started as he was a huge Sokal fan and I’ve played the game several times over the years. It must be old age, but each time I play, it’s as if it were the first time. I rediscover the beauty of the graphics . . . and seem to spend hours wandering around getting lost lol.

Anyway, it took me three afternoons to complete the game, and help the heroine, Kate Walker, complete her mission. To give you an idea of the graphics here are a few screenshots

in Valadilène, where the story begins

at the university in Barrockstadt


and finally in Aralbad

Tomorrow I think I’ll join Kate Walker for a second adventure in “Syberia 2” and discover places like


7 thoughts on “playing not crafting

    • the advantage of the point & click kind of game is that you can only do things that will help you progress in the game ^^
      I’ve tried a few shoot’em games but just get killed . . . and the ones where you have build up a civilsation, well, they’re just too long-winded for me

  1. I’m hopeless at computer games too! I can only manage puzzles or gem matching ones! The graphics look great on this game though! Computer games just make me feel old and as if I’m living in a completely different world to my boys……perhaps it’s better that way!

    • don’t want to dampen your day but I think we ARE old ^^
      our kids grew up with computers so it’s all second nature to them, isn’t it?

      • I think you’re right 😦 I didn’t even work on a computer until I went back to work after my eldest was born. I had to ask where the on/off switch was and what to do with it once I’d turned it on…….

        When I think what I use them for now and compare……!

  2. The graphics really are lovely, make you feel like you are in Syberia. I have heard that gaming also assists the creative part of your mind, as it explores different neural pathways. So enjoy your little diversion into the gaming world.

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