oh dear :(

It hasn’t been a very good week with our menagerie . . . the other day my DH found our Koi carp floating, dead, in the pond.

We’ve no idea how old he was, and whether he died of illness or old age. Reading up on the internet, we learned that Koi can live to 60 years and we’d only had ours 12 years (although of course, he wasn’t a small fry when we got him).


and then on Saturday I noticed that Le Bleu had an abces on his shoulder . . . so off we went to the vets.  General anaesthetic so that vet could shave area, clean out wound properly and close with 2 staples then home again with anti-biotic treatment.


Le Bleu now has to stay indoors and wear the dreaded plastic collar until the end of August when the staples will come out. It’s going to be fun and games, I can already tell, because he’s so bored being cooped up (after only a few days) that he is keeping us awake at night.  Last night I didn’t get to sleep until 4am . . . every time I dozed off, Le Bleu decided to move, bite my nose or ears gently, and have a good pad and purr.


8 thoughts on “oh dear :(

  1. It’s so sad to hear your koi has died 😦 It may well have been quite old when you got it. Poor Le Bleu and poor you. It’s going to be a long few days until that collar comes off! Good luck with the sleep tonight.

    • thanks Avis ^^
      slept with Le Bleu on sofa bed last night and left DH in peace and quiet in bedroom. I think everyone slept better

  2. Condoléances on the loss of you Koi 😦 Your pond & garden will feel a little lonely without your dear fish. Poor Le Blue – no fur baby enjoys the cone of shame as we call it – actually a phrase we picked up from the delightful movie “Up”. I am sure all will return to normal for you soon.

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