homemade jellies

I’ve been a busy little bee . . . cooking up some of our homegrown fruit and making some homemade Jelly.  We only have a very small redcurrant bush, so only 3 jars of redcurrant Jelly


however the blackberry bush has been giving loads of fruit again this year. Last year we harvested around 15 kilos of blackberries and I made over 50 jars of jam and Jelly in 2012. This year we started off the season eating them for dessert – a couple of blackberry crumbles (yum yum) and other desserts where I just mashed them up with some sugar and then mixed in with chantilly cream (also very yum yum).  We must have eaten about 5 kilos of blackberries so far like that this year and have also been giving some to the neighbours . . . but since there are still loads of fruit to come, I began making the 2013 batch of blackberry Jelly.


Only 13 jars made today – I need to nip out sometime and buy some more jars for a second batch later this week.


And in case you’re interested – you can personalise and print out labels here: JAM LABELIZER


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