sticky stitchy update

Weather has been hot hot hot and not terribly conducive to cross stitch as the needle tends to get rather sweaty and sticky.  I have been trying to sit in the shade, and make the most of any gentle breeze but they’ve been few and far between.  I do have some stitching progress to show though – juggling with 2 projects, both with quite a lot of colour changes.

First of all – my UFO – which is “Colourful Lorikeets” by Fiona Jude that I picked up again earlier this month. Last photo looked like

lorikeets reprise

current photo looks like

lorikeets 29 07

Other project (or WIP) is “Bear and raspberry” which looked like this last time I posted a photo


and has now taken shape to look like

bear 29 07

I hope you have a nice cool place for some handicrafts for this summer?


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