picking up a UFO

The other day I wasn’t feeling very inspired to stitch more of my bear . . . so had a rummage in my drawers and discovered a UFO. A kit that I began stitching in 2009 (I think) and that I did pick up again in 2012 . . . but for some reason, it never got finished. It’s “Colourful Lorikeets” – a design from artwork by Fiona Jude.

Here’s what fabric looked like as I rediscovered it


and here’s what it looks like after a few days stitching.

lorikeets reprise

I have practically finished all the right-hand part of the chart and can now work leftwards on the branch and begin work on the fourth lorikeet . . . because this is what the finished design should look like.




6 thoughts on “picking up a UFO

  1. I agree very colourful, and the gum blossom looks incredible next to the Leaves. There is a certain amount of joy in having a WIP surface from the bottom a the drawer. Looking forward to your progress, and if it goes back in the draw – then fine – that’s what WIPs are all about.

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