too hot to stitch

I’m really not a summer person!  In fact, I find it hard to understand HOW people can actually enjoy the heat. I suppose it’s fine if you’ve got a swimming pool or air-con . . . or if you have servants to do the housework, cook dinner and wait on you hand and foot . . . but when you have none of that, summer heat just makes a person hot, sticky and irritable ^^

I’m just glad that I’m not working (and really feel sorry for those having to take public transport and travel to work as usual) . . . although I am finding it rather frustrating that I have all this free time to be creative but that it’s simply too hot to get up any incentive.

I do have a small progress photo to share with you. You may remember this photo, posted early June

bear and rasb photo

and this one


well I’m now here


It doesn’t look like a great deal but progress is progress however small ^^

I’m going to try and find myself a cool place to flake out and also hope to find the incentive to do some machine sewing later this week as I really do want to get on with my D9B top.  It all really depends on the weather.


2 thoughts on “too hot to stitch

  1. Yes it can be frustrating in the heat and still wanting to your crafts. Its a cosy 2 degrees here at the moment so the MOTH and I are snug next to the heater and I am catching up on my stitching, quilting. Your little bear is growing abd looking lovely 🙂

  2. I know what you mean Claire, it is going to be in the triple digits here this week! Your bear is off to a good start.

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