9 block sampler quilted – happy dancing ^^

Yep having a patchwork/quilting happy dance today because I have, at long last, finished my first “quilt”.

This is a project I began in December 2011 at the local patchwork club I go to. All blocks are assembled by hand, and all sashing, borders and quilting is done by hand too. The only time I used the machine was to add the binding, and even then, I’ve stitched by hand on the back.

Anyway, this was a learning project. To learn the basics, and some of the more common blocks. I don’t really like some of the blocks (namely the sunbonnets and the Trapunto cottage) but now that the quilt is finished, I have to admit that I am pleased with it, and even the sunbonnets and Trapunto do have a certain charm ^^

sampler fini01







and details of some of the quilting


Finished piece measures 90cm square.  Not terribly big, but big enough for a first project ^^



9 thoughts on “9 block sampler quilted – happy dancing ^^

    • I’m the same – don’t like the sunbonnets at all and didn’t really enjoy doing them BUT in the end, I’ve sort of grown used to them and they don’t look too out of place

  1. I think you have done a wonderful job. Personally I like Sun Bonnet Sue, although I have to admit I have never made a quilt with her on it. Marvelous first attempt at quilting and your section with the micro quilting – très magnifique

  2. It is so satisfying to finish a project, especially one that includes so many different techniques. You have my total admiration for tackling trapunto and your hand quilting is sooooo neat. Don’t forget to label it 😉

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