Mystery Blackwork SAL finished

Today Avis published part 6 of her Mystery Blackwork SAL . . . it’s been great fun stitching together these past 6 weeks and seeing all the different versions

SAL Claire06

but I can now let you into a little secret . . . I stitched the design not once but TWICE ^^

SAL claire06a

and the reason why?   because it’s been ages since I made a biscornu ^^

I had added a few Mill Hill gold beads to the blackwork as I stitched and decided to add even more during the assembly part.  The result is





16 thoughts on “Mystery Blackwork SAL finished

  1. Well done Claire! I think your biscornu is beautiful, and the beads add a real touch of glamour! I am also stitching this SAL but I’ve got seriously behind, so I am planning a catch up over the weekend. 🙂

  2. I love your Finish. I have been thinking I want to do this pattern a couple more times on different fabrics, but I think I see a biscornu in my future. The beads are a lovely addition.

    • thank you Julie.
      The beads around the edge were an afterthought but I am really glad I added them as they certainly add a bit of sparkle

  3. Gorgeous finish Claire. Love the bling of the beads. I have never made a Biscornu and think I might have to give it a try one day 🙂

  4. Well done Claire. This is really lovely although I’m not quite sure what a “biscornu” is! My trusty Collins Robert translates it as “irregular, cranky, crooked” so maybe it’s just one of those french words for which there is no translation…… It really doesn’t matter though as I would be delighted if mine looked like this once I finish it off. Beautiful!!

    • lol yes a biscornu is a sort of odd-shaped cushion. I suggest you search for photos in google – they really are a very interesting way to finish ^^

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