I’ve taken a little break from patchworking and cross-stitching these past few days . . . to make some progress with my other crafty WIP: my latch hook rug.

Last time I showed a photo was in April, and things looked like this


and today it looks like


I could probably get this done and dusted in a week, if I did nothing but latch-hook over the next few days BUT I know me ^^ and doubt that this puppy will be finished by the end of the summer lol.  The fun is in the making, not necessarily in the finishing of a project ^^



8 thoughts on “latch-hooking

  1. He’s very cute! I like him! Is this rug sized or smaller? I do find rug latching gets a bit tedious after a while and I could only ever do it in very short bursts! This is looking good though so maybe it will spur you on for that finish!

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