two new starts

After finishing “Indian Brave” and “Indian Maiden” it was time to have a rummage and decide on the next cross stitch project ^^. Feeling somewhat lazy, I opted for a rummage in my kit stash first because I couldn’t be bothered with sorting threads and fabric.  Here’s the one I decided to do

bear and rasb photo

and here’s what aida looks like after a few days


Also have a photo of a small hand-piecing patchwork project that I started recently. You may remember I made a cushion cover with the “windows” technique and 9 dog fabric squares? Well I only have six of these lovely cats . . . so need to decide what layout I’m going to do (and what colours for sashing) because I would like to see these as a cushion cover too ^^

cat windows1



8 thoughts on “two new starts

    • says on kit 30cm x 25cm which has me a bit worried because I might have started on my aida the wrong way round lol. Aida looked square to me so I measured from centre.

  1. Hi Clare, I’m new to your blog, recommended by Avis. Love your bear, he is gorgeous. The cat fabric is sweet and looks great with the blue and white.

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