making things last

In our family, we have a tendency to “make things last”. By this I mean that we rarely go out and buy new if we can repair or freshen up what we already have. It’s a frequent joke, when one of us is sporting a pair of socks with holes at the toes, that these are our “home-owner’s socks” . Not that you need to be a home-owner to wear holey socks, of course ! but it’s just an example of how we wear things to the limit. Now with socks, no-one is really going to notice the holes unless you’re out shoe-shopping ^^ but anyway, it’s just to say that we (as a family) don’t like spending money on NEW when we can make do with what we have.

However – today I looked at my dining room chairs. Of course, I see my chairs every day, but today I actually LOOKED and realised what an awful state they were in. We bought them 20 years ago. They weren’t expensive. They’re just your run-of-the-mill dining room chairs.  I’ve re-covered the seats several times and we’ve fixed them each time one gets a bit wobbly and threatens to fall to pieces. But they’re still with us, and they still do the job . . . so we just make do.  Anyway, I digress, you’re wondering what I saw, so I will show you! The following photos are not for the weak . . . be warned . . . there’s graphic detail . . .


and another one


I should be ashamed of myself!  And I was!

How could I not have noticed that my chairs were DISGUSTING (is the first word that comes to mind). Pitiful, dilapidated, unloved – are several others ^^

So . . . out came the tools: electric screwdriver, hammer, pliers, staple gun . . . and out came a large piece of fabric (3m of heavy duty fabric bought for 10 euros a few years ago).

I dismantled . . . pulled out old staples, cleaned skeleton of each chair thoroughly, cut out fabric, and set to work with the staple gun.

2 hours later, I am pleased to say that my chairs now look like THIS



I actually did our 5 dining chairs plus the 2 chairs that hubbie and I sit on in front of computers. So, for less than 10 euros (because I still have about 1m of fabric left) and 2 hours of my time . . . it was well worth it!  I now no longer need to be ashamed of my dining room chairs. It’s a pity it’s not as easy to totally reupholster the couch ^^ because that is in dire need of an overhaul too lol.



4 thoughts on “making things last

  1. Wow…. I love the way you redid your chairs, they are gorgeous 🙂 I’m actually lucky cause my dinning chairs are all wood so I don’t need to worry with holes in them eheheh, and thank god for that because I know I wouldn’t do a neat job if I tried 🙂

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