D9B sewing up a treat!

I’m not quite finished yet BUT I have made quite a lot of progress today with my Disappearing 9-patch quilt top, so wanted to show everyone ^^  It is so exciting, and such fun, to be finally making something with my sewing machine . . . I’m definitely hooked, and my brain is already buzzing with ideas of what to make next. Mustn’t get ahead of myself though – need to finish my first project ^^

Today it was pouring with rain – the perfect excuse to stay indoors.  Avis had given me more advice about the next stage. To square off all my blocks nicely before I attempted cutting. Which is what I did.  33cm square.  All except for one block when I had a brain bloop and for some reason cut it to 33cm x 32cm ooopps!  Just as well I had made a “baker’s dozen” when I was sewing my 12 blocks, so I had a thirteenth to hand lol. Once that was done, I had to cut each block into quarters, thus


So I ended up with 48 of these smaller blocks. I was going for a “scrappy” effect with this quilt, so I then laid them all out on the floor 6 x 8, turned them round, and moved them about until I was happy with layout. Then it was a question of sewing everything back together.



Now it’s not perfect, so I haven’t zoomed in too much, because I don’t want you see all the iffy bits lol but I am pleased with the result.

Avis, my number one cheer leader is still talking me through things. Next stage will be to add an outer border – but that probably won’t be for a few days yet.


13 thoughts on “D9B sewing up a treat!

  1. It’s a stunner!! You’ve created a perfect scrappy effect quilt in such a short time. I’m soooooo proud of you for stepping right out of your comfort zone and creating some crafty eye candy 🙂 WOW!

    • it’s all thanks to you Avis. I would have never have dared to go out alone, but having you to hold my hand every step of the way has made me brave ^^

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