happy dancing, not rain dancing

Today I’m having a happy dance – and just hope it won’t turn into a rain dance. Weather has been so up and down of late – so if it does start falling, I don’t think it will really be my fault lol.

Yep, I put finishing backstitch to my “Indian Brave” – project that I’ve been working on since the end of March – so I reckon he took approx 7 weeks to complete (same length of time as the “Indian Maiden”).

Doesn’t he look so proud? I love his profile

indian happy dance1

indian happy dance2

and side by side with the “Indian Maiden”

indian happy dance3This was a Janlynn kit I bought years ago on ebay. The design is by Roger W. Reinardy and I love the geometric detail and earth colours. The maiden measures approx 46cm tall and the brave stands just over 50cm tall. I’m going to make them into two identical wall-hangings, but it could be a while before I get round to it, as I need to find some suitable fabric.


6 thoughts on “happy dancing, not rain dancing

    • thanks Avis – yes I love the simplicity of the faces – profile, nice cheekbones . . . in fact I had a great time stitching these two

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