do you remember your first time?

I’ve been busy these past few days with a blog-move . . . have moved my French blog, after 6 years, from overblog to wordpress.  Because of the work-load involved, I haven’t moved my entire blog, just some important posts and a few high-lights.  Sometimes it’s good to turn a page and start afresh.  However, while doing the move, it was a little like moving house, because I ended up opening olds posts and reading stuff I’d written in my early blogging days. Rediscovering photos of cross stitch projects that I didn’t even remember having stitched lol. Which then led me to go searching for my FIRST cross stitch project.

Now, as a child, I did do embroidery at school – Avis will know where I’m coming from lol – but I have only vague memories of those projects and certainly no photos. For me, my first cross stitch project (as in THE project that catapulted me into the wonderful hobby of xstitch) was a small fieldmouse kit that my sister sent me to stitch.

I think it was in 1994 or 1995 . . . and I most definitely remember that I didn’t bother to read instructions first, but jumped in with both feet, stitching with all six strands . . . and wondering why everything was clumpy and messy and why on earth my needle wouldn’t go through the holes . . . and why was I running out of thread so quickly?

Phone call to my sister who explained I was supposed to be stitching in 2 strands and “didn’t you read the instructions first?” . . . first experience of frogging . . . and many hours later, I was hooked lol.

1st project1I then remember jumping in the car and driving to my nearest needlecraft shop not really having much of a clue of what I needed to buy or what I wanted to stitch next . . . just knowing that this was like chocolate and that I needed more right away!  The rest, as they say, is history ^^

A second photo to show you of the little fieldmouse stitched a second time.  But not by me!  While I had been making my first steps, and stubbornly trying to thread my needle with 6 strands . . . second son, aged about 5 at the time, had been watching and taking it all in.  So, when I came home with my first lot of supplies, he asked if he could have a go.  Which he did . . . just to show me that it was child’s play really lol.

1st project3

I’ve come a long way since that first little mouse and although second son didn’t become an addicted cross stitcher, I am pleased to say that my daughter did.

Anyway – I just thought it would be fun to share these photos with you . . . and would be interested to hear about your first time.



4 thoughts on “do you remember your first time?

  1. It’s lovely to hear how you got into cross stitch almost by accident Claire. My family were full of crafters. Aunt Emily crocheted, aunt Edith was a dress maker and my Mum was a knitter (and still is LOL). They were constantly busy churning out all the clothes my sister and I could ever wear out. However, when I look back, they weren’t the main influences in my crafting life. The person who “switched my crafting gene on” was my wonderful Primary school teacher Miss Fox who made beautiful things for pleasure rather than out of the need to save money on clothes and household items. Nowadays I can appreciate everything all of these people did for me. I am forever in their debt 🙂

    • my teacher was Miss Steel for sewing . . . and I think she thought I didn’t have a stitching bone in my body . . . oh if only she could see me now ^^

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