last part of “Square Magic of Colors” by Banu Demirel

Hello folks – week 6 in our SAL which means it’s time to unveil the last part . . . not very difficult to guess what to do this week . . . it’s the blackwork stars on our chequered background.  I actually have TWO versions to show you this week ^^ yep, I stitched once on a 16 count aida (which is the one I’ve been showing you) but also stitched on a 14 count white.  So here are my two squares


Now, the idea behind stitching small designs, is to then finish them off (and not just add the pile of unfinished projects in the drawer) . . . so I immediately set to my finishings . . .

Aida trimmed and then laced to cardboard with wadding and two more squares with wadding and a backing fabric


Then some whip-stitching, ribbons and pins . . . and I have pinkeeps to add to my pressie drawer.


pinkeeps back

I am now looking forward to seeing how fellow SALers finish off their stitching. Everyone always seems to have such wonderful ideas, and it’ll be interesting to see the variety.

If you’ve never made a pinkeep and you want to try, I did a tutorial a few years ago which you can find here PINKEEP TUTORIAL


3 thoughts on “last part of “Square Magic of Colors” by Banu Demirel

  1. Week 6 already, I really need to get stitching after my little stitching leave of absence – too much quilting and knitting taking up my time. Thanks Claire for organising this SAL, even if I did loose count and had to restart – LOL, its all fun and always a learning expeience

  2. They are absolutely beautiful Claire! I love the added sparkle from the beads. I think I would just hang them up on the wall the way they are…..gorgeous!! I’ve made a greetings card from mine and I’m really pleased with it. Thank you so much for organising the SAL. I know you put a lot of work into it and it has been such a success. I can’t wait to see what everyone else decides to do with their finished piece. There’s so much inspiration out their, I’m sure it will be difficult to choose. Have a wonderful weekend! Avis x

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