Sunday evening pell mell

Well I hope everyone has had a good week and a creative weekend?  I seem to have been running after my tail this week and don’t feel like I’ve achieved a great deal . . . which explains the pell-mell post of today.  Have nothing to show on my larger xstitch projects and my puppy latch hook rug hasn’t seen any work this week. However, I did stitch up two very small kits (that were a Christmas gift) and finished both of them (plus a blackwork) off in acryllic coasters. A very quick and lazy way to do a finish lol but they’ll be going in my “pressie” drawer.

3 coasters

I have finally cut out wadding and backing fabric for my 9 block patchwork sampler (first big project with ladies at patchwork club).  Everything is tacked together, more or less, and I’ve started work on the hand-quilting . . . will be doing swirls on the blocks with cottage and 2 sunbonnets . . . so a start has been made around the cottage. I’ve actually done a little bit more since the photo was taken, but couldn’t be bothered to take another picture.

9 blocks begun

Still on the patchwork front . . . after seeing all of Avis‘ gorgeous quilts, I have decided to take the plunge and have a go at machine patchworking.  Avis is going to help me along (from a distance) and teach me step by step.  For today, all I can show you is some of my fabric for the future project. I washed it all today as I was a little worried that some colours might bleed once the quilt is made up. Am now awaiting the arrival of my cutting tools so that I can start “stripping” ^^

washed fabrics

And last, but not least, a photo to show you that one of my new cushion covers is a big hit ^^

tout confort


2 thoughts on “Sunday evening pell mell

  1. Will you be sharing photos of the stripping? Sorry Claire, I couldn’t resist! I bet you get loads of visitors to your blog for including that word LOL. Your fabrics are gorgeous. Perfect for the project you have in mind 🙂 Hurry up Lionel!

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