“Tangled Frame” finally a finish !!!

My regular followers will know that I stitched “Tangled Frame” (a blackwork by Valerie Warner) as a SAL which I organised on my blogs. Many SALers finished off their stitching into a variety of beautiful objects but my version was, up until now, unfinished . . . as I had decided to make a cushion cover patchwork style, and I’m always very slow at hand-piecing.

Anyway, confidence boosted after the “success” of my dog windows cushion, I decided to strike while the iron was hot and to try my hand at some MACHINE quilting hihi.  Now I really should have asked for some advice from experienced quilters first but I didn’t. I just jumped in with both feet . . . and have learned so much about what NOT to do!   Since it was a log cabin design, I thought it would be easiest to stitch in the ditch . . . but of course, you should only attempt that if you can sew straight lines (as I learned to my expense).  I seem to spend just as much time OUT as IN lol.  It doesn’t help that I used a very light cream thread . . . if I’d gone for something darker, it probably wouldn’t look quite so bad.

Tangled quilt1


Tangled quilt backAgain, a plain white cotton on the reverse side since this will be inside the cushion cover.

Never mind – I’m learning and despite the wonky quilting, I am not put off. In fact, I LOVED quilting with the machine and will definitely be getting more practise in the future.

Now, the dog windows cushion was finished off with a pre-sewn back that I had bought. I realise it was a very lazy and expensive way of doing things BUT having the pre-sewn back to hand, meant that I was able to look more closely at how to put in a zip (which I’m not terribly good at because I never know what to do with the ends).   . . . Rummage in my zip bag (which I found) to discover that I had nothing in the right length or colour, so I chose one that would go most unnoticed.  Lots of pinning and unpinning before I was brave enough to sew it . . . but that went relatively smoothly.



And then next stage was to trim quilted piece  and zigzag round my back to stop it from fraying . . . and voilà . . . I have a finished “Tangled Frame”.

Tangled cushion1

Not sure if I prefer the dark strips going vertically or horizontally . . . so it’ll probably be changed around whenever I plump my new cushion.

tangled cushion2

tangled cushion3

Once the cushion is inside, the in and out of ditches doesn’t actually look quite so bad. The plumpness of the cushion helps to erase some of the imperfections but next time I try machine quilting, I’ll be following Avis’ suggestion and trying “echo” stitching for straight lines.  And last photo of the back – could have done with an iron, but I couldn’t be bothered lol.

tangled cushion4


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