more bookmarks and more small stitching

A two-in-one post today . . . first of all to show some more bookmarks I received for my collection. From Flo, who travels a great deal for work and who sent me some bookmarks from Israel, America, Ireland and Oiustreham in France.

from Flo

And more small stitching . . . a second version of a Banu Demirel blackwork, in solid purple this time . . . and a floral bookmark design: a Pinn kit that Kaline sent me for Christmas.  I know how I’ll be finishing off these two little projects, but you’ll have to be patient as I don’t feel in a “finishing mood” today.

encore 2 petites

3 thoughts on “more bookmarks and more small stitching

  1. Your blackwork piece is just as attractive in solid purple as it was in the variegated thread … I’m glad you did it both ways to show us. 🙂 I ‘love’ the bookmark and I’m looking forward to seeing how you finish both pieces. Finishing is my difficulty and just yesterday I finished a bookmark that I’m not entirely pleased with but it is what it is.

    • I don’t think we’re ever 100% satisfied with what we do, Kate . . . and always feel that we will do better next time. Main thing is to have fun and learn from our mistakes ^^

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