dog windows cushion cover – finally !!!!!

It’s taken me FOREVER to finish off my first hand-quilting but I got there in the end. This is a design I began piecing way back in January (if it looks familiar) but it’s been waiting several months for me to pluck up the courage and finish the hand-quilting. It’s my practice piece a) because it’s only small and b) because since I was making a cushion cover, I figured the quilting on the reverse side wouldn’t be visible once made up so the perfect project to learn on.

I started quilting on the central square (because I was told to start in the centre and work my way out) so that square unfortunately is far from perfect. All of it’s far from perfect to be honest lol but my stitches were getting neater and more regular by the end. I didn’t try and do anything exciting – no, have to learn to walk before I can run – so it’s just stitched in the ditch. And since the reverse side is hidden inside the cushion, I just used a piece of very boring plain white cotton.

Here is a photo of the reverse of one window – lots of room for improvement, I know, but hopefully my second project will be better.

windows in ditch

And here is cushion itself



I cheated for back. Usually I make my own backs but I spotted some pre-sewn backs on sewandso a while back and bought two.

windows back

Obviously it would have been cheaper to make my own but I can’t remember what I’ve done with my zips ^^

Anyway – it was a learning curve – a very time-consuming learning-curve ^^ and I’m not yet sure whether I enjoy quilting or not. I don’t think I do . . . but I’m sure when I get better at it, I will feel more satisfied with the end result.

6 thoughts on “dog windows cushion cover – finally !!!!!

  1. Claire, this is a beautiful cushion and I love the dog prints. Your quilting looks rather good to me. I like to hand quilt and although I’m not very good at it I find it relaxing. Since I am a reluctant zipper installer I make envelope style backs for my pillows/cushions.

    • thanks for the encouragement Avis ^^
      and nah, it’s perfect for my armchair. What’s the point of making things if I don’t use them lol?

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