making the most of FREEs

In the wonderful world of blogging, there are many generous stitchers who create designs to share with us for free.  I expect that, like me, you often save a chart to your hard-drive, and then completely forget about it . . . but at the moment, with my “small stitching spree”, I am making the most of these little gems, and have made two more cards.

The gorgeous rabbit on the left is a design by Alexandrina (link in my blogroll) and the blackwork (which is more a “rainbow” work the way I’ve stitched it) is a Banu Demirel design.

cards 1004

card bd

card a

Both were great fun to stitch and I’ve already begun the blackwork design a second time, but using a solid colour.  So stay tuned for more small stitchings.


8 thoughts on “making the most of FREEs

  1. Both of these are quite lovely, Claire. The rainbow blackwork is delightful in the thread that you used – methinks it wouldn’t be quite as dramatic stitched in a solid colour. I have stitched the bunny in a lavender shade – it’s a sweet design. So nice of you to share.

    • thanks Avis – I am finally making use of a pile of aperture cards bought years ago . . . although I might need to invest in some new double-sided sticky tape as mine seems to have lost some of its “stick”

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