temptation for all you Michael Powell fans

Did you know that Michael Powell is bringing out a book? with 20 small designs

Michael Powell

You can preorder now on amazon AND even have a look inside online . . . from what I can tell, it will be available from 22nd April in the UK, from the 1st June in the US but no specified date for France.  I love Michael Powell’s quirky little designs although I have to admit I have never stitched any but my daughter is working on one of his “Secret Garden” series.  Anyway I don’t need much prompting to tempt me . . . I’ve already clicked and pre-ordered my copy ^^ I think this is an absolute MUST.


One thought on “temptation for all you Michael Powell fans

  1. I have never heard ot Michael Powell – so another thing/artist you have ibntroduced me to – these are such lovely designs, Yes i did check out Amazon – not ordered yet – thinking about adding to the collection ….:-) Debbierose

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