a few little cards for any occasion

As I’ve mentionned several times already this year, my “plan” for 2013 is to try and have a few hand-made cards and gifts in my drawers for whenever a special occasion pops up unannounced. So, inbetween larger projects, I try to do a few stitches here and there on some small designs – often using free charts and sometimes stitching a design several times if I really like it.

Anyway, the other day, I needed a birthday card for Laetitia (for whom I made the purple & black patchwork bag).  I know I already gave her her present but a birthday isn’t a real birthday (in my opinion) unless the postman stops by with a few cards lol.  So, after a rummage in my pile of back issues of “Cross Stitcher”, I decided to stitch the free kit design by Diane Machin that came with issue April 2011.  The kit included felt to make this design into a mirror pouch BUT I gave Laetitia a handbag mirror & pouch at Christmas ^^ . . . so have kept the felt for a later project, and just finished off the design with some wadding, in a card.


Since I had the double-sided sticky tape out I decided I may as well mount two other little designs (that I stitched a while back). So . . . a “Gerbera” circle of flowers (design came with a Framecraft handbag mirror kit and I had therefore already done this design once before)


second photo, without flash, to show you the gorgeous embossed detail on the card


and third little card, with a blackwork design by Nancy Pederson. I must have stitched this design at least half a dozen times – I don’t know why but I just love the way it turns out.  I have used it for handbag mirrors, for coasters, and now here it is as a card.


Anyway, one card in the post and 2 cards to add to my stash . . . so not too shabby.


7 thoughts on “a few little cards for any occasion

  1. I love those cards, Claire. How clever of you to keep a few on hand. I’m still trying to figure out the best way to mount a stitched piece for a card. 🙂

    • I just use 3-fold cards with a pre-cut aperture, lots of double sided sticky tape ^^ and usually a small piece of wadding, the same shape as aperture so that the stitching is lightly padded

      • Thanks for this … I shall try it but first must locate some 3-fold cards with a pre-cut aperture. The wadding sounds like a good idea. 🙂

  2. Lovely Claire, and so busy and industrious as usual. I seem to be on a go slow at the moment – lacking craft momentum – but will get back to it – must be old age setting in…. or just literally needing a few Nana naps.

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