back to school (again)

My regular readers will know that for the past couple of years I’ve been following a distance schooling course on “Animal Care”. I signed up with a private distance school, the advantage being that I could work at my own pace, as long as I completed within 3 years.  For serious students, it would have been possible to complete the course in around 12 months, but I often let things slide (and life in general got in the way) so it took me a grand total of 34 months to actually complete lol.  But hey, I did it . . . and I had lots of fun while studying.  I ended up with an overall average of 17.35 out of 20 so not too shabby and I feel that I learned quite a lot of stuff that will come in useful with my menagerie.

As I was coming to the end of my assignments, I felt a little sad that I would no longer have something in my week to stimulate the old grey matter so . . . I trotted along to the school’s site and checked out what other subjects they offered that could be interesting.  Came across one for PsychoGraphology that looked REALLY interesting but was put off slightly when I read that the course contained 90 assignments and would last a minimum of 18 months.  Since it took me almost 3 years to complete a 1 year course . . . I have to be reasonable and admit that I’d need more than 3 years to complete a longer course.

Not to be deterred though . . . I carried on searching and discovered that they offer a beginner’s Psychology course and, after talking to a lady at the school by phone, I learned it was possible to do the beginner’s course and (on completion) sign up to do the PsychoGrapho as a “top-up”.

Hihi . . . so guess what I’ll be doing.  Yep . . . have signed on the dotted line and will be studying Psychology for however long it takes me. While waiting for books to arrive from the school, I invested in a second-hand book to give myself some useful reading and attempt to familiarise myself with the jargon.

back to school

Some people like to do crosswords or Suduku to give the old brain a regular work-out . . . I like to study ^^  so wish me luck!