“thank you” cards

After receiving so many lovely gifts from thoughtful friends, I decided that an email to say thank you wasn’t enough ^^  I felt it was only right and proper to do things the old fashioned way and send a REAL card. So have been busy making lots of little cards which should have plopped through people’s letter boxes by the time I publish this article.  Since I had quite a few to make and send, I kept things very simple . . . but also took the opportunity to use some of the wierd and wonderful buttons I had in my stash.

thank you cards

Had great fun chosing which buttons to use, and although very simple, I think my little cards are quite cute ^^ (but then that’s normal, since I made them lol).  Was a great way to use up small pieces of leftover fabric and various threads. No card is identical, and buttons are all different too . . . monsters, cats, russian dolls, flowers, and even a dragon !