happy dancing with Madame Chantilly . . . and a few mini blackworks

Today I’m having a happy dance – yay !

I put the finishing stitches to “Polka Dot Matrioshka” by Madame Chantilly, and even gave it a quick iron before I took photo (however I think it needs to be dampened and ironed again because creases in aida won’t budge).

Mme Chantilly terminé

I stitched this over 5 weeks, on a 7 count blue-grey aida, using the recommended colours (except for the smallest doll where I used blue for the bottom half instead of green).  It was a lovely design to work on because I was able to work on the line of hearts and the top border as I went. Very little back stitch too.  Not sure what I’m going to do with it now that I’ve finished – might look out for a frame . . . but for the moment, my fabric will be going in my “to be finished off” drawer.

Also did a few mini blackwork projects . . .

mini motifs

just using up small pieces of leftover fabric, and stitching just part of a larger design. A few “medallions” from Valerie Warner’s “Tangled Frame” design and a couple of flowers from a Nancy Pederson bookmark chart.  These are also going into a drawer and will probably be used to make up cards when I need any.

Am now going to measure up my fabric and begin work on “Au coeur de la nuit” which I will be stitching along with a French blogger who is leading the dance.