“Au coeur de la nuit” – new project beginning soon ^^

With my Madame Chantilly Russian dolls almost complete, you can understand that I’m already looking through my stash wondering “what next?”

I plan on picking up my Indian themed stitching and beginning work on “Indian Brave” that’s for sure, but I also stumbled across a blog post on a French friend’s blog . . . and she is going to be organising a SAL with an Isabelle Vautier design: “Au coeur de la nuit”. Now, being a huge IV fan I have this chart in my stash so . . . am all signed up to begin stitching.  Only problem is, I’ve just noticed I’m going to need four 8 metre skeins of the same colour and I probably don’t have 32m of the same colour . . . so I’m going to have a rummage in my threads and see what my thread status is. I’ll probably do the owl in a solid colour and the alphabet in a variagated thread but suspect I’ll have to place a small order.


And another photo to show you a little blackwork interlude I had yesterday . . . another Valerie Warner design (can’t seem to get enough) . . . this time for a small bookmark. Lots of similar swirls to the Tangled Frame design and nice and relaxing to stitch. I won’t be snipping and backing just yet though – this is one little project that will go in my drawer and I’ll do a finishing session at a later date.

bw bookmark