my “to do” list

I just love making lists lol . . . I probably spend more time making them than actually doing the things on them ^^ BUT it does help me to see my multitude of plans in writing and give me a certain satisfaction when I can ticks things off as “done”.

Since it’s the school hols here, the coming week isn’t going to be ruled by the clock, so I am hoping to get a few crafting things done.  One of my plans, is to try and stitch up a few small cross stitch designs with a view to making some quick and easy-to-post presents whenever the occasion arises. I do think it’s a good idea to have a couple of hand-made gifts in the drawer because friends’ birthdays or other occasions have a habit of jumping up on me without warning. If I can mange to fit in one pressie a fortnight, I reckon I’ll be doing well.

Last week, I printed out a very simple design for one of my English students (a lad who probably wishes to remain anonymous, so I’ll just call him “M”). He had admired my “Alphabet Sampler” finish, as he saw the last stages when I was making it into a wall-hanging (hard to miss really since it was usually draped over the back of a chair) and seemed keen to learn a little more about cross-stitch. So, I kitted him up with a simple chart, fabric, threads and even a pair of scissors . . . and sent him away to give it a go. I hope he’s enjoying it – I will know more tomorrow.  Anyway, I decided to stitch the design myself too . . . a freebie by Liselotte and finished that off into a simple bookmark.

Lecture mpSo that’s one little gift to put in the bottom of my new “gifts for friends” drawer ^^

On the patchwork front . . . the list of “to do” is long . . . I need to finish off my dog windows (quilting); finish my “Tangled Frame”  (coming along well); trace quilting lines on my 9 block sampler (did some swirls, but I’m not happy, so need to put my thinking cap on some more); AND I also want to make a bag for eldest son’s girlfriend as it’s her birthday in April. I was a little unsure about fabric choice for that . . . wanting to make a bag she’ll actually use, so not daring to go for something too flashy. In the end, I took some photos of possible fabric combinations (13 in all) and sent them to her by email so she could choose. Okay, so it won’t be quite so much a surprise, since she now knows what I have planned . . . but since I won’t show any photos of the bag in-the-making, the final result WILL be a surprise since it’s one thing seeing the fabrics, but it’s another to see the fabrics come together.

I must say, I was 98% sure what fabrics she would pick lol . . .

selection 06I think it’s an excellent choice and will be tracing and cutting this afternoon.