46 down and only 3 to go

I am so close to the end of my distance schooling course . . . reeled off a couple of assignments these past few days and now only have three left to complete.

I’ve kept the hardest part for last “surgery”. Obviously, I’m not expected to know much, but do need to learn what all the different equipment is called, what it’s used for etc . . . be able to give a basis summary of some routine ops (like neutering) and have a basic theoretical knowledge of anaesthesia.

There are actually seven assignments in this module and I can choose which three I want to tackle. I think I’m going to read all lessons and my book thoroughly first, making notes, and then I’ll decide which assignments I feel most comfortable with.

educatel chir

It’s school hols here at the moment, so if I organise my time properly, I should make decent headway.

2 thoughts on “46 down and only 3 to go

  1. It is exciting when you get close to another finish – and this one is a biggie – finishing a course in study – Graduation celebrations are not far away I believe…..

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