“Alphabet Fun” wall hanging is finished

Photos to share with you of my latest FINISH yay!  Was very much a learning curve for me . . . my first attempts at machine quilting . . . my first session at making my own binding . . . it was all very exciting and I have to say that, while not perfect, I am very pleased with the end result.

Since this is for a little boy’s bedroom, I chose a nice petrol blue for the main colour and added a purple binding (my favourite colour at the mo’) that picks out colours from the cross stitch perfectly.

ABC finish1I tried to give it a “circus” feel with the shape of my loops at the top and five zany buttons

ABC finish2I now just hope that French and British posties do their job and don’t lose it, as it wings it’s way to England for my great nephew’s first birthday.

ABC finish3(btw – in photo there are two wooden toothpicks to stop the ribbon from sliding along the curtain rail at the top lol. When it arrives, my sister will be using a piece of wooden rod to hang it, and hopefully a small nail at each end will do the trick).

AND . . . while I’ve been busy with the needle, my sister and her other half were busy with the saw and sand paper making something extra special for the birthday boy. If I tell you my sister is about 5ft 5″ that’ll give you an idea . . . they made a “Ginette” to use as a growth giraffe for little Leo . . . I just love the eyelashes and the fur in the ears lol.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA (Dig the slippers, sis lol)

and Ginette is to go with Leo the lion (yep same name as the baby lol) that they made for Leo’s first Christmas.



5 thoughts on ““Alphabet Fun” wall hanging is finished

  1. What wonderful colours – love the buttons, and the loops at the top – I may just pinch that idea soem time. The quilting is masculine and I love the zig zag as it give it an edgy feel – A job well done.

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