“Indian Maiden” needs a face ^^

Here’s what stitching looked like last week

indian maiden 05

and here’s progress for this week . . . as you can see, I have left the best bit until last

indian maiden 06My Indian Maiden now has most of her hair, but there are few wispy bits to add and more importantly, she needs a face ^^  Will be working on that this coming week and hope to get all back stitch done too. There’s quite a lot since she is almost 50cm tall . . . so in theory next photo will be for a happy dance.

“puppy” latch-hooking begun

Yay, I said I would wait until my birthday before I began work on my latch-hook kit . . . which has meant a lot of self-discipline over the past days, but I was good, and waited until after lunch today to sit down and begin work. It’s going to be long-term project because of the size and simply because it’s impossible to do things quickly.  I worked for just over an hour today (without Le Bleu sticking his nose in) and am working in rows from the bottom.  I estimate I have hooked approximately 200 pieces of wool today


and, if you look at the larger picture, you will see I have quite a few hours work ahead of me ^^

rug01bBut I’m in no hurry . . . it doesn’t matter if it takes me all year to complete, the main thing is to enjoy what I’m doing . . . and I found it very relaxing.


Lovely Lionel never gets bored

Lovely Lionel never gets bored with all the interesting mail he delivers to this house ^^ And recently there has been more mail than usual because I’m a birthday gal  hihi.

Debbierose and her MOTH sent me a parcel from Australia (and Debbie even added a message to Lionel on the packaging, although I’m not sure if he read it lol) with some gorgeous fabrics for patchwork and a really cute bookmark made from genuine Australian leather

from Debbie (2)

Fred, a French forum friend, sent me a gorgeous needle keeper (to make ladies at patchwork club drool with envy when I go along next week)

from Fred

from Fred1

Lilubelle, another friend from the same forum, sent me some blackwork stitching, a book of Hans Christian Anderson tales, a limited edition postcard, buttons and an additional bookmark

from lilubelle1

from lilubelle2

from lilbelle3

From eldest son and his girlfriend, I received some more bookmarks, 4 thread sorters and a lovely little wall plaque

from S&L

And, while the following were not birthday gifts, Monique la Bretonne sent me two bookmarks

mp from monique

and Jacky, one of my English students, thought of me while touring in Vietnam and Cambodia and brought me back a hand-made bookmark from Vietnam. The other 2 in photo are front & back of a bookmark I picked up at my local library the other day.


a quarter of a century

I have been doing some small project stitching in secret . . . to make a couple of cards for two very important people in my life.  On 31st Jan it was eldest son’s birthday . . . and since he turned 25 (a quarter of a century lol), I thought it was an important enough mile-stone to merit a hand-made card instead of a shop-bought one. I did my own little “creation” with the wording and numbers and then finished off with a blackwork border that is part of a Nancy Pederson design I stitched last year. Finished it off with a little silver heart and then double-sided sticky tape onto a card.  When calculating 25 years in days, I even thought to count the number of leap years lol.  There have been 7 leap years since he was born ^^

card Sean

Second card was for my daughter, aka Lindashee.  She is studying in Lyon and spent the first 5 months living with family . . . however, we made plans over the Christmas break for her to move into her own rental bed-sit, to give her more independence (and also to be closer to her Art college) . . . she picked up her keys on 28th Jan and is now settling in.  However, her card has gone missing . . . posted on the same day as birthday card to my son, it never arrived . . . so I’m going to sit down and make another one so you’ll have to wait a while before I can show you a photo.


43 down, only 6 to go

43 assignments down, only 6 to go in order to complete the Animal Care course I am doing with a home-schooling centre – yay. I completed 3 assignments in as many weeks, so am feeling quite chuffed with myself even if grades were a bit up and down. Got a 18, 14 and 20 . . . so am kicking myself about the 14. Also had a reply to my “complaint” about a previous assignment (for which I felt I deserved more) to say that while my answers were correct, they were expecting more in-depth answers and signs of a bit more research on my behalf. So, have taken that comment on board and will make sure I research the following assignments more carefully.

biologie du chat

Am finding the cat biology module interesting but having a hard time assimilating everything – so could need to take things more slowly and re-read lessons to revise properly before I tackle anymore assignments.

I am already thinking about what to do once I finish this course. I signed up to give myself something to keep my brain active, and because (with all my animals) I thought it would be interesting and useful to study Animal Care. It HAS been interesting and useful and I am enjoying learning new things.  So much so, that I fancy signing myself up for another course once I finish . . . they’ve got a beginners psychology course on offer as well as a graphology course  . . . so I’m wondering whether either of those would be up my street.   I won’t go jumping the gun though . . . still at least 2 months of studying to get to end of this one, and then I’ll see what takes my fancy ^^

“Indian Maiden” is growing

“Indian Maiden” is still keeping me amused in the evenings, although I really should learn to keep my stitching in a plastic bag between sessions because I now have a lovely dirty cat paw print on my fabric (thanks Merlin) but it should come out in the wash.  Last week I showed you that I was working steadily down the chart and was here

indian maiden 04

Now, I have finished the bottom part completely (aside from backstitch which will be done at the end) and have begun working my way upwards.

indian maiden 05