Mme Chantilly update and the lost card

As usual, my evenings are spent cross-stitching in my comfy corner of the living room (arm chair right next to the radiator and cat on my lap lol) . . . averaging about 2 hours stitchng time per evening, here is the progress on my new Madame Chantilly project.

mme chantilly 02I am working to the right, so the second doll was slightly smaller . . . which meant I also had time to begin the row of little hearts which will continue all along the bottom.

Other photos to show you “the card that never arrived”

card MeganI stitched this for my daughter, who moved into her very own flat at the end of January but it got lost in the post.  Which meant, I had to sit down and stitch another one but didn’t want to do something identical (naively hoping that the first one might still show up) . . . so moved from pink to GREEN and simplified the border because I wanted to get it in the post quickly.

card lindaNo where near as pretty as the first, but at least this one arrived ^^