taking a leap into the unknown

I’ve taken several leaps into the unknown these past few days (and my knees are still a bit wobbly lol).  Yep, I’ve been doing some machine quilting AND have learned how to make my own binding (a big thank you to Avis for her wonderful support and clear instructions).

I always get very apprehensive when I finish off a cross stitch piece and this time has been no exception. I spent many weeks stitching “Alphabet Fun” by Bothy Threads, as you may well remember, and I was therefore scared stiff when it came to the machine sewing part because (with me, my heavy foot and wonky sewing) anything can happen.  As it is, things have gone incredibly well. I started off with a nice petrol blue Japanese fabric to make a “frame” – the blue picks out the blue in the design nicely, and since it’s for a little boy’s bedroom I thought it more suitable than any other colour.

For my first machine quilting, I didn’t try to be creative, and just did some simple zigzags on the blue, as well as stitching in the ditch around the cross stitch rectangle and some white hand stitches spotted about over the design to hold the aida nicely in place.  Had a little helper when it came to marking and trimming lol

helper 1

This afternoon I tackled the next stage. With help from Avis, I learned how to make my own binding and, most importantly, how to machine stitch it in place – yay!

binding1(oh my! is that my hand? looks like I could do with some hand cream and a manacure lol)

It’s not finished yet, which is why I’m not showing you an overall photo. I now need to hand stitch it to the back and sort out the “loops” to hang it since it is, after all, destined to be a wall-hanging. So stay tuned . . . more photos will be arriving soon.


3 thoughts on “taking a leap into the unknown

  1. Looks wonderful. I thik that the zig zag design in the quilting is perfect for this project. Less is often more, and as it is for a little boy, it gives the project a masculine feel. Too much quilting and it would be a little too girlie – anyway that is my opinion anyway – I am looking forward to seeing the finished project, and thrilled that you have as you say taken a leap into the unknown……..It’s good for the soul to step out of your comfort zone occasionally xxDebbierose 🙂

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