Madame Chantilly “Polka Dots Matrioska” – the beginnings

After finishing my “Indian Maiden” I said I was going to have a break from autumnal colours and begin work on something quite “girlie” . . . thanks to Michèle who sent me her used copy of a Madame Chantilly chart.  Because there is a lot of white (or should I say DMC 5200) I decided to stitch on a dove-grey (or is it slate blue?) 18 count aida.

mme Chantilly

One of the thread sorters I got for my birthday is already coming in useful lol . . . and here is what my fabric looks like so far, with the most central of the 6 dolls.

Mme Chantilly 01

It’s quite stitch intensive actually, and although she only measures about 2 inches, she took me quite a few evenings.  I doubt very much that I’ll be able to manage a doll a week once I get to the two larger dolls . . . but we’ll see how it goes.