thank you Stéphanie, yvonne and my darling daughter

More post today (than you Lionel) aside from the phone bill . . .  it’s always so much fun to see REAL mail and wonder who is writing.

First enveloppe . . . I recognised the hand-writing, . . . was from my darling daughter, aka Lindashee. Couldn’t guess what she was writing to me about since we usually chat on skype and she texted me on my birthday . . . so ripped that open pretty quick lol to find a belated birthday card. Aahhhhhhhh, now isn’t that thoughtful?

from Linda

Next I opened a card from Stéphanie . . . who also send me a fun Breton bookmark for my collection

from stepâhine

and last, but by no means least . . . a very interesting enveloppe from Yvonne with instructions on how to OPEN it (which I carefully followed) . . . the enveloppe itself is the card -now that’s a pretty cool idea) and inside there were two little “things” that looked like match-stick packets at first lol.

from yvonne1

But no, they’re far too pretty to be match sticks . . . so what was inside?

from yvonne3

Ohhhh!!!!!! What a brilliant idea!  A little pin holder and a needle holder.  Brilliant!  Such a simple idea but how clever.  I think I’m going to “steal” that idea in the future . . . it really is a nifty idea for a gift.