more thank yous

I have some more thank yous to show you because of more plump enveloppes from generous blogging friends.

From Joce (who I’ve had the pleasure of meeting in person) a gorgeous stitched bookmark (for a BIG book lol) and a kit to make my own

from Joce

from Marie-Thérèse, who travels a great deal for work and for pleasure . . . some bookmarks from very far away

from Marie Thé1In this first photo, two from Dubai (the modern hotel and the camels), one from Ireland and one from Iceland.  And a whole pile of “publicity” bookmarks from closer to home

from Marie Thé2

From Monique la Bretonne – two more bookmarks from her region

from monique

And from quaquie . . . a Christmas themed hand-stitched bookmark and a thimble for my collection from Andorra

from quaquieSo a big thank you ladies.  I received a few other packages this morning but you’ll have to wait until I have had time to take photos and thank the ladies personally by email first.


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