latch-hooking is such fun ^^

You’ll remember that I treated myself to a latch hook kit and started last week.  Here’s what it looked like after a few hours

rug01bThis week I have been having internet problems . . . not sure if it’s a problem with the line or whether our router needs changing . . . have a technician coming on Monday to have a look. Anyway, since internet has been on and off all week (mainly off) I have been spending more time than usual doing crafty stuff (so there’s a silver lining to every cloud) and am pleased to say that I have managed several hooking sessions. So today my rug looks like this


I’m really enjoying seeing it grow, but I have to say, the packaging in the Vesaco kit isn’t the most practical. Pre-cut wool is not sorted by colours, but comes in mixed colour bundles. Now that, in itself, isn’t too much of a problem because there are only 11 colours in this design and it’s easy to distinguish between the different shades of grey or red. What I don’t like about the mixed bundles is . . . for the moment I’ve been using mainly reds and orange . . . so this means I’m having to delve into new bundles constantly because there’s only so much of each colour per bundle. Since I haven’t started on the browns or beiges yet, I have therefore had to find myself a box to store all the wools I haven’t used yet and waste a certain amount of time each session sorting out the colours I do need.

Not sure if all latch hook kits are packaged up the same way, but it would have been more logical to have single colour bundles, and would have made life so much easier.

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