This was a Christmas present, from eldest son and his girlfriend . . . they knew I had already read the Bartimaeus Trilogy (The Amulet of Samarkand, Golem’s Eye, and Ptolomey’s Gate).  This novel, is another great adventure with Bartimaeus, but situated BEFORE that successful trilogy . . . taking us back to Jerusalem and King Solomon’s time.

So, if you read the other three . . . and even if you haven’t, I highly recommend this!  Action packed from start to finish, with the usual wise-cracks and antics of our favourite Djinni.  Full of magic, assassins, evil magicians and, of course, Bartimaeus ^^

SOLOMONIt’s in the “teenage fantasy” section in bookshops and libraries, but it’s excellent reading for adults too and has already been translated into several languages like the trilogy



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