and we have a happy dance ^^

Oh yes, I’m having a happy dance . . . which might explain the awful weather we’re getting . . . since it could be misconstrued by the Great Spirits as a rain dance lol. I have put finishing stitches and back stitch to my “Indian Maiden” yay.  I began in January and it took me 7 weeks to complete.

indian maiden07

indian maiden07a

This is one half of a Janlynn kit with a design by Roger W. Reinardy, discontinued now, and a kit which I bought about 10 years ago on ebay.

indian 01

Stitched on 14 count aida, my Indian Maiden measures 45cm x 13cm so she’s very majestic in stature.  I will soon be starting work on her companion, “Indian Brave” who is slightly taller BUT I’ve decided to take a break from autumnal colours for a few weeks and begin a different project.   This is it

mme Chantilly

This new start is thanks to Michèle (a forum stitching friend). She posted a photo of her stitching  on the forum, which I admired greatly . . . and she offered to send me the second-hand chart since she no longer needed it. So, thanks to Michèle’s generosity, I will soon be having great fun stitching this cute set of whimiscal Russian dolls.  My threads are all sorted, I just need to decide on my fabric . . . am thinking of using a grey-blue aida I have in my stash to because the white should really stand out well against it.

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